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A strange dream

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now with the "WTF?!" effect... lol...


= =

THAT WAS THE MOST RANDOM THING I'VE EVER SEEN. Nice Job man =D The idea could be better, but it was funny none the less. WTF?!! Factor is definitely high xD What made me laugh was near the chorus, the guy in the sand went: "Arf!" So yeah, good job man. Even there was pretty bad graphics.
P.S: The cupcake went through his pants!!

Gave me a chuckle

It was a tad funny with the head in the sand, otherwise it was just plain dumb and lacked any type of plot watsoever


There is no point in this AT ALL.
Please try again, but make a point.
No humor either, I award you no points because of the lack of anything.
Graphics: Please try harder on your graphics, they're good, but I think they could be better.
Style: Looks like you just tried to rip it from the Numa Numa song.
Sound: (Read Style)
Violence: No violence AT ALL.
Interactivity: No interactivity AT ALL.
Humor: No humor AT ALL, why you may ask? Because this idea was taken, and it wasn't too funny when it was taken then, when you tell a joke and it ain't funny, don't repeat it.
Try to be more original.



exactly. the WTF effect.. no point .. at all.. umm yeah..


really bad no point make it better

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2.36 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2006
5:26 PM EST
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