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The Heroic Soul

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Author Comments

Animation I did awhile ago for a Myth and Modern Man class.

A warning, you might not understand/appreciate/en
joy this submission if you have no knowledge of Myth. This was created for the a class, so some of the myths and structure may be a bit vague or confusing.

Althogether, I procrastinated on this and had some real problems involving my computer crashing, but I think it turned out pretty good. Decided today to submit it for the heck of it. Most viewers probably won't enjoy it all that much but I might reach some who know their mythology. (Don't mean to sound elitist).

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lol nice

in the people going really fast the 3rd one was gordan freeman from hl and hl2 nice job too


O.k. Its a little different. I'm kind of happy i found a sort of myth thing. but like you said you gotta study this stuff to get it i guess.
At first teh story was out there and it played like it was a movie. that was cool, but then it got RAELLY RANDOM Which I did not like. when it goes from what it looked like King Arthur stuff, to star wars to E.T.!!! I lose interest. Then it looked like it was going into a porno with the two black dudes. Which is pretty good drawing on those guys by the way. I didnt like th music.
Dont take this personally. I'm honest.
But i think id have to know you to understand this stuff.

BaconisGood4You responds:

Heh yeah, I can see that. Thanks for the review blondchicks, yeah you're right, you really have to know your mythology (Joseph Campbell, hero cycle, etc.) or be in my class to get this that well.

It's good, but I don't understand

It's good, I like the music aswell as the graphics but I'm seeing that this message the flash carries is too complicated or hard for me to understand, perhaps you could explain it to me please?

BaconisGood4You responds:

Well, I really don't expect anyone to understand it unless they've studied quite a bit of mythology, including ancient and modern work (Greeks to Star Wars and Siddartha) as well as the work of Joesph Campbell.

I don't mean to sound pretentious. This was for a Myth class, so it was catered to what we studied.

What it is is the Heroic Cycle, which is basically a series of events that each hero follows in some way. I've tried to show that all heros are the same by showing different heros at different stages. That there is a "Heroic Soul" that is part of humanity.

Specifically, the stages/heros are Ordinary World/Gilgamesh; A Call to Adventure/Beowulf; Refusal of the Call/Aragorn; Meeting the Mentor/Perseus; Crossing the Threshold/Spiderman; Tests, Allies, and Enemies/Jason; Approach of the Cave/Theseus; The Ordeal/Luke Skywalker; Seising the Sword/Arthur; The Road Home/ET; Road Back/Hercules; and Elixir/Siddartha.

Thankyou for the review and curiosty LinkMaster92!

aww... that was good

it woulda been really lame without the music... but it wasnt bad actually

BaconisGood4You responds:

Thanks for the review Dshark.

nice job

Your not the best with graphics,but your story is really attention grapping.you put out those things great.also a nice combination
with music and pictures.in one word great.


BaconisGood4You responds:

Thanks for the review TheSilverClaw.