Mountain Top Murders:1

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there is a new resort on top of a mountain were all the rich men go and stay but half of the men staying there think there leaving in a couple of days well they though wrong as a group of serial killers arnt going to let them escape ......


Just awful.

Badly done-graphics, over-artistic (wazzup with the morphing building???), bad choose of music (techno on a "suspense" movie, WTF???), and no plot watsoever...

Man, REALLY hope you get better...


Although this wasn't awful, it could have used a bunch of work. The graphics weren't a pleasure to look at - work on your prespectives and increase your frame rate (try 16-24).

it was not that good

i didn't really like it that much...i could not see the point of the story...a guy lands in a choper then some dude falls out of a plan and then stuff happens i did not like it that much...try again...u should try to smooth out the lines the whole thing was really jaged and it was just weird...good luck next time


Um , I couldnt really find any relevance to the story that you posted. All I saw was a few guys jumping from planes and helicopters then one guy dies. Not exactly what I expected.

Wait a minute...

I wasnt paying attention.I was waiting for something interesting,but it was over after 10 seconds...

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2.05 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2006
8:30 AM EST
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