PTFA Guy: Valentine's Day

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Happy Valentine's Day and Black History Month.

I hate both. Valentine's Day makes me feel too lonely and Black History Month bascially isolates a whole people's history into a measely few weeks. Whatever, I made flashes for both. The Valentine's Day one kinda goes back to the PTFA plan: "Treat a girl like dirt, and she'll stick to you like mud" and the Black History one dares to question if Jesus was black. And also about that, I like chicken and purple soda, so I gave black jesus them, I didn't give him watermelon because that stuff is nasty and that is a horrible stereotype, but the chicken stuff is okay because KFC rocks.


dude that was da shit

hey, that was pretty sweet

and 4 your info jesus was arabic.

come on u know it makes since being that he lived in jurusalem

Ryan-Smith responds:

Or he could have just not existed at all. Yeah, taht sounds right.


man that was the funniest shit i have ever heard.. " i don't wanna play no god damn jenga.. what the fuck is jenga, you pull the blocks.. its gay!" lmao.. make some more like that lmao

Ryan-Smith responds:

Thanks, that was just me rambling about nothing....and people found that funny....how weird.

yes you did it again...congrats...

i hope u get that stuff on the front page cuz this shit is good...
i hope i dont get a card...like that...i am thinking of sending those kinda cards 2...yeah but the flash was pretty funny and it was original alright ( the other stupid fuck that does not have a good sense of humor said it was not original ) ah well...keep it up...i wonder what u are gonna make for carnaval

Ryan-Smith responds:

Thanks but what the hell is carnaval?


man that was wierd! the animation sucked and the idea wasnt that original, but if you worked on a few thing, yo uhave some pottential

Ryan-Smith responds:

Jesus, I really don't think it was that bad. And what do you mean the idea wasn't original? A guy gives a girl a shitty card and she likes it anyway? Break any flash down and its not "original".

That was very funny

You have inspired me to make a valentine card like that for my girl.

Ill tell you how it goes over once i give her the card.

Spatulaclockster yo.

Ryan-Smith responds:

YOu dont have to tell me, I can already see it now.

You: Here, I got you a card.
Her: Let me read it.
She reads it.
She kicks you and the nuts and storms away.

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Feb 10, 2006
10:22 PM EST
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