Freedom! -BETA-

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Well, another one of my alphas in the making. I just want (as usual) comments and suggestions, its nowhere near done yet.


Please, read the ingame instructions before playing, and ONLY practice works, im not done yet. YET i say. ;) IF you want to give me suggestions or anything, send me an email or review it if you would. Please. I like to read it all and i always answer to reviews.

My original account is Darkfire_Blaze, and my email is dfblaze@gmail.com

I would like to kindly thank all the people that have helped me through the making of this, and people that will keep helping me until its finished. People like authorblues, Denvish, and many more. Thanks.



1 thing that i noticed that was kinda silly was the way he walked, strange, errm what else errm, cant think of anything.

looks like its gunna be good when its done

Bleiz responds:

Thanks, thats... yeah ill fix it i guess.


briliant work diego, glad to see you finally released the beta version, the one played was cool as well. keep it up and i hope to see a ful version soon :D

Bleiz responds:

:D Thanks Zplinteh, ill release the original as soon as im done with it.

is fun and addictive its fundictive

it wolnt make the make front page but the full virsion will the full version will kick ass

Bleiz responds:

:) Thanks!!!

very well done for the beta version

This is a really good game for beta i really like the graphic and and art style I'm intrested to know when the full version comes out because I think it will be possibly front page material anyways Nice working and keep it up

Bleiz responds:

Thanks a lot, i really hope itll hit frontpage. Thanks for your support!

Remember, any comments or suggestions, email them to me to get a much better answer.

Good but...

First of all, ther ewas no enimies in practice mode, so I really didnt get to do anything. Also, make the ammo go down when the gn first starts playing, instead of at the end, which is simple enough to fix, and was just bugging me. other than that it was good.

Bleiz responds:

Well, you OBVIOUSLY didnt read the instructions, Pyro. If you HAD just pressed Z or X, enemies wouldve appeared.

Thanks, Though. You know IM Blaze, right?

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2.57 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2006
8:36 PM EST
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