Fire & Ice: Distress Call

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Read Instructions!! Controls and combat guide Included!
I have added two modes for two different types of people, though if your like me you’ll like both.
Combat is not fully automatic, time your attacks to optimize recoil! Trying to auto attack will result in convulsions!
Password saved - I don’t know how to save the other way + this way isn’t ruined with cookie clearing.
Please Reveiw!

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GRAPHICS--- Good graphics, I liked the style. It made the game more interesting, nothing wrong in this catagory. Couldn't have been much better.
STYLE---Good style, it maintained a storyline while also being fun to play. I liked the plot, and this was something new.
SOUND---The sounds were good, nothing much wrong with them.
VIOLENCE---Well, all you do is kill things, what else can I say?
iNTERACTIVITY--- This was the main problem. Most of the controlls were fine, except for the walking. It made shooting and fighting hard, and it would have been much better if you had made the person rotate towards the mouse. This would have greatly improved gameplay, and made things loads easyier.
HUMOR---I didn't find anything to funny in here.
OVERALL---Well, it was fun to play. but much to hard. I got bored after I got the second password, mostly because of the controlls. Another thing that was constantly bothering me was that little blue bar under the health that seemed to do nothing. What does it do? In all, this game deserves a higher score, and I gave it a 5. Good luck in future games, and if you need any actionscript help email me at mbellis111@yahoo


too dark?? but nice game.... it will survive the blammers...

Not bad!

Quite an exciting game, but I found the controling a bit hard. You could have done it easier. It would be an even better game.

Toccuma responds:

Thx,the controls are a bit tricky at first, but once you get used to them the layout alows fluency ^-^

Nice one

nice keep em coming just make it a bit more i don't now just more

but in eny kace nice one

not bad...

not bad at all...

Toccuma responds:

Well thats good... very good indeed

Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2006
5:30 AM EST
Action - Other