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I finally made something from the engine I created ( which by the way didn't get very good feedback from the forums). I think it turned out pretty good. Use arrow keys to move and jump, enjoy!


I found an odd glitch

the game is ok
the glitch I found was at the start of lv2 if you go left off screen it brings you back to the main menu

Quite Good. Good sound and colour.

Pretty good. The engine works well and the colours and sounds keep it cheerfu which is a change on newgrounds. Fun game.

iameatingjam responds:

oh hello i feel like saying thank you for your generosity and high marks

not bad

it was an alright game, but it got repetitive and a bit boring rather quickly.. which was a shame because i was hoping for it to be better.

Couple of tips

1 - separate background from obstacles and enemies. Sometimes you can't tell whether the object is an obstacle or not
2 - the ball shouldn't go over the left and right borders of the screen
3 - it would be nice to have health, not just die from collision with enemy
It's not a bad start anyways. Keep trying


i likw i alot job well done hope to see more from u soon

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iameatingjam responds:

I thank you for your gracious mark giving, more from me has already been submitted if you are interested because I submitted them not long ago as sequels to this game which I made 35 days ago because you were interested in seeing more from me soon so I made three games for you have fun.

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3.14 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2006
3:14 AM EST
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