Fight. Two Players +Demo+

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IM SO sorry about the canvas size, if its too big. Well, here it is... Theres no menu, and no preloader. It doesnt need em, its just 60 kb including sounds. Well, I made this more of a test than anything else, and again, im submitting on my alt.

My real account is Darkfire_Blaze, so you can check the rest of my stuff if you want (hint hint).

I didnt use any music, and im almost certain this will get blammed. I hope it doesnt though, since its just a demo.

Please, leave me a review, comment or an email if you must. I read it all, and most of the time i answer.


not bad.
I like .. resembles the typical bout of "the king of fight"

i win yehey

is just ok to me

it was ok..

it could have been better though. seeing how it was a demo ull probably make one better. try to get the chars to respawn when they die. and a bigger stage instead of a small room

Bleiz responds:

Well, thats not hard. But that can be EASILY done. Thanks for the suggestion, ill make a reset button.

It sucks

why would u even put this on here, no one would spend time playing this, especially with some one else wich is the only option.

Bleiz responds:

well, thank you!

We don't like tests much...

...I'm surprised anyone wanted to keep it on NG.

However, it shows potential. Check your spelling. movenent?
0/5, 5/10 as a test

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Bleiz responds:

Yep test.

movenent? =O I DIDNT SEE THAT ONE!


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2.28 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2006
6:25 PM EST
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