a Shintacular Collection

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a Shintastic collection of flashes in one Dwek shaped
4 games, 2 shorts and Liam's guide to character art.

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I have to admit that this was a pretty good submission. It's mostly because you had a need way of showing off games and cartoons. I always enjoy package stuff like this. It seems like it would be a bit too bland on its own. I admit that the games weren't that much, but they were interesting. The cartoons were also pretty good.

You did have a pretty unique way of showing your stuff of. That is, all of your parts were different. I think my favorite is guide to character art. I can not understand the fighting one. I'm thinking I'm supposed to press the "V" or "W" key.

Very nice.

No bugs in the games, except the bug one maybe, as far as I could tell; however, in the first short animation the sound didn't sync up when he swallowed. The sound came first then the animation for it. In the second flash, after the I fell on him I believe it didn't sync up. The sound came first then the mouths moved. If it wasn't right after that, then it was a little bit after the I fell on him. Now for the one where you're the fly, every three hits the spider would stay red and couldn't be hurt for a period of roughly three seconds. Those were the three things I noticed. Hope this helps, and an excellent piece of work. :)

Not Bad

A well done flash movie but has some bugs that need to be worked out in alot of the games, other than that good job.

dwekky responds:

???? i thought i had sorted out all the bugs, can ne1 be a bit more specific?

Why did you bother ?

The animations where garbadge and the games where ether broken or boring. a game MUST BE FUN in order for people to play it right ? your game dose not meat this goal.


This ruled. But WTF is up with the Black Jack?? I got an Ace and a face card and it counted it as 11. ...?? Also we need to see one of the dealers cards. Face up biotch. Great flash.

dwekky responds:

hey, thanks for advice, but i am too lazy to reProgram this so u can see one of dealer's cards, also click on the ace to make it 11 instead of 1, it is only meant to be simple.

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3.97 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2006
4:45 PM EST
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