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Neighboring Nations

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Overview: Peter has a unique interpretation of the Bible. He follows every word completely literally, filtered through his insane little mind.

In Chapter 2, Peter uses Leviticus as a way to "hire" some day workers to build his pool. He also teaches his son about the importance of abstinence.

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This is a good series. I admit that I really had no idea what circumcision was at the time. A lot of people make jokes about it. It's nice to have this animation. I just love how Peter has this nice demeanor. Well, I guess that IS technically in the Bible.

The looking nice part. Who says we don't use Mexicans as slaves? We certainly don't care about people in South America as workers or anything else. The voices and animation were really nice here. Appropriate last name.

Aaaahahaha! Good one! I'm off to see the other episodes.. right now :-D

Sigh another series killed because people are to uptight.



Episode 3?

It's been over four years. Is it hopeless to ask for another one?