Matt's Winter

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I'm horrible when it comes to finding sound effects... I just added a loop from a Gorillaz song. ;(
I hope this'll get by even without sound effects...


u are getting better

u are getting better, but u need to add sound and u made it end to short i wanted to see the rest, but u ended it too short and it had no story bored, but good try ^ ^

p.s. u are getting better

Shipp responds:

Believe it or not, this was my First flash. Also my first submission to Newgrounds.


A little short and a bit pointless but I liked it. Even there is no sound effects the loop seemed to fit. Maybe take some time to make a longer flash. 3/5

poor guy :(

good work on this, keep it up ^_*

Good job man

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Dont worry man its not blammed you did a good job

Shipp responds:

Thanks! I love you. ;D

Its pretty good without the sound

I mean, ya I would have liked some sound, but other than that this was a pretty good movie. If this does get blammed, please submit with some sound cause I think it will pass.

Shipp responds:

thanks, if it gets blammed, I'll probably never re-submit it... I'm no good at finding sound effects ;(

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2.61 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2006
8:27 PM EST
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