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'Destroyed Hopes Video'
The music Video for Blak Tornado's 'Destroyed Hopes'. This song is going to be featured in my third album. This video took about four weeks, on and off, to produce so please watch it!! Look out for the secret button to unlock the Tabs for the Blak Tornado Single! if I were you, I'd join up for a goldcard! (*Hint hint*). For more (or to buy the single) visit www.blak-tornado.com
Blak Tornado 2005/2006



I said it on the other submission, you have the potential to be a good singer. Keep practicing. If you can, try to move the sound so that it feels like it's coming out of the top of your head. It's a little difficult to give voice lessons over something like this, but that's the best advice I can give you. To help with keeping your tone, try warming up with fourths. Sing one note, then go a fourth down, then go back to the original note, then take it down a half-step, and sing down a fourth from that, and so on. You may need to practice with a piano at first, and if you just talk to the music teacher at school, they might let you use the piano, when it's not already in use.

Keep practicing. In this video, the music was a bit loud, and it did drown out your voice. Turn up your mic just a bit, and it should help. I'm not much of an artist, so I can't give you any advice there, but as a singer, I can suggest help with that. Good luck.

VeggieBoy responds:

Thank you for your advice, it's a great help!
The tips for the music were helpfull, as I hope to suceed in the music career, and I am grateful for all the time that you have put in to help.

Hate to break it to you but...

You can't sing... sorry.

VeggieBoy responds:

Thank you for not being bleak.
Yes, i admit that I can't sing, but I am sure that over time I will get better, and that is why your critism is helpfull.

a valient effort

i'm sure a lot of time went into this music video of sorts so i won't trash talk it. however the music was only okay. the singer couldn't hold some of his notes w/o sounding bad and the animations could use some shading or more time spent drawing them. your music isn't bad (i heard the other song you sent to this site) but you need to come up with slightly more complex riffs to keep your songs from becoming dull or annoying. keep practicing :)

VeggieBoy responds:

A long period of time went into this, you are right, but it is the newest thing I have done, and your words are helpfull. The song is not the final version, as I am still recording the album which it will be on, and I can change it when I get responses to the music like this, so i will record some of the vocals again.
My riffs are very simple, but they are bound to be because I have self-taught myself guitar.
Your response has been apreciated.

Interesting - like Joy Division on beer and prozac

Hmm. Nice video, thought the claymation was good, and some of the animation was quite smart - like the falling teardrop bit. Sound quality wasn't great, and the singers voice is a bit odd, the guitars a bit plinky plonky. Sort of like Joy Divison, but more upbeat and less precise.

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VeggieBoy responds:

Ahh... you see, the reason my voice sounds weird is because it hasn't broken yet, and the guitars are weird because... well, I dunno why they turned out spanishy, but another reason might be because I used keyboard in it as well, so there you go!
p.s, thanks for the 7s!

Impressive for your second flash

the anomation was decient (better that most peoples second attempts) and it flowed well. I realy liked teh claymation cuts, you did a good job with that. The sound was a little muddled together and soft so I had trouble hearing the lyrics or distinguashing(definatly spelled wrong, sorry) the insterments. It turned out well though, good job one this one. Hope to see more flashes in the future.

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Feb 6, 2006
12:25 PM EST
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