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I started on this almost a year ago... I was doing it and then I stopped for ages... And then I came back and I decided I would finish it.. But then I got lazy sometimes.. And I would never finish it.. But now I finished
While I was working on this I got slightly better at animation but I kept the same quality level so there wouldnt be a sudden change.

Enjoy the Movie :)

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Good job

Well paced, and the music matched it nicely. Hope to see more

Personally, I would have dumped the girl!!!

Awesome fight scene, coreographed accurately with the music. Over all, a very good flash movie.

Josemaria responds:

thanks.. ANd yeah.. she isn't that pretty lol. :)


Good on you for keeping the same style throughout - I really couldn't tell that there was any kind of stylistic break anywhere. The animation was fairly good (except when he was running in the beginning; he wasn't actually leaving the ground) as was the fight scene.

As for the story... well, let's just say that it won't win any awards for best moral. ;-)

What was nice, though, was that there was practically no "dead space" that made me want to stop watching - the editing was quite well done in that regard. Good job! :)

Josemaria responds:

yeah.. the running was the first EVER thing that I did for that movie.. so it's the most ancient bit.. :P ... The idea wasn't exactly the quality of the story but to fit a story perfectly in the music. Thanks for the review. :)


i liked the way the fight scene went to the music, but sad ending...

anyways good job sir

Josemaria responds:


sad :(

This was good and the fight scene was gr8 but it was very sad. Poor guy and where did the girl go? what happened to her?

Josemaria responds:

she married the big guy and they had 7 children.. they were all bastards XD ..
thanks for the review :)