Triple Helix Ep. 2-2

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Please see part 1 of Episode 2 for the Author's comments.



The purple haired dude was very badly voice acted....

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heh, i can tell the minigun sound...

was just you going "zzzzzzz" but i found that funny so i won't complain. I don't mind this style of anime i guess... a little too pokemon for me bu tnot entirely... i'm more of a Helsing/Spawn kinda person... but yours luckily hadn't gone that far as to be cheesey =)

The graphics in themselves were not bad, sure it obviously needs a little better work on drawing and a higher frame rate but you're new so i'll give you credit. For newbies you both have done pretty well. I expect these things will improve as new episodes and series' arise.

Style. Stuff i've seen before but you have given it a new edge, something newgrounds hasn;t necessarily seen before so i'll give you credit for it. I can see this series getting interesting.

Sound-- apart from the kinda funny minigun sound-- were al round pretty good. Couldn't see much of a problem with it and the voice acting was again not bad for a newbie. Again I expect it to get better as new episodes and series' arise.

Considering this episode was obviously more to do with the story than action i'd say violence was at its minimum campared to the first epidode and part, so i give it five, but not in a bad way.

Interactivity, i'm never really sure about this, is it more for games? i just give it a 1 for the play button lol.

Humour. I give it 3 just cause the minigun noise was funny.

So i give you and 8! Good job overall!

Half-Sanity responds:

It sounds like you put a lot of thought into your review. We really appreciate your honest and considerate opinion of TH!

Thanks for watching,



Hmm little short. The movement still has a distinct awkwardness(Rik jumping down from the van) and you havnt incorporated bulletime. Good job so far make up for these menial mistakes in the introduction of HQ and the other characters.

Very nice, I'll review both parts of ep.2 here.

This series is pretty original. (or as original as possible for something about mutants trying to take over the country) Graphics are a tiny bit shoddy in some places but all around pretty good. The style in this one is noticably better then the first. (Good job! Keep improving) And one part about this series so far I do like is the characters, they're pretty cool. All in all it was pretty good I'll look forward to the next one.

Good overall but it has its negatives.

I remember the first episode, and i know this 2nd episode was better, even if not by much. To me it doesnt really matter that they were submitted in two parts, because all i do is review it once like i would for the full episde, so im reviewing the first part and this one right here. Everything was above the average, and there isnt just one particular aspect i would improve, but id probably fine tune a little bit in each one. I can only see the series improving, i have fairly high hopes for it. Here is my review.

The graphics were good, not quite what i would say great for a few reasons. The drawings seemed a little awkward sometimes when you tried to make an effect of some sort, for example when the car exploded in the first part and Rik was standing near it. The environment looked alright, you made it seem like a downtown city seemingly without much trouble. And the animation just wasnt fluent enough for movement to movement to be amusing all the time, and i couldnt help but notice the steering wheel, there wasnt anything within the circle of it, and it seemed to move an awful lot. But i actually really liked the character design of the mutants, they were well detailed and just looked cool. The style was great, the effort throughout was pretty noticable. You attempted to do some cool effects and you must be commended for that, but others were forgotten that are pretty good extras, such as adding bullets for the firing machine gun. The animating style was good, its getting to the point where i can really tell it apart from another similar animating style now. The story, while not 100% original from what ive seen is pretty good and does seem creative, i still like it nonetheless. The whole "zombie/mutant infestation" thing has certainly been done before, and done well but unlike most authors you tried to make something different about yours, and succeeded. But overall the flow of the action could have been better, the presentation was a little choppy in this way, good in the storyline way however. The sound was great too other than one music choice which didnt really fit in. The other music choice i can recall was very good, and the sound effects that went along with it were solid. The voice acting was nicely done as well, maybe on the kids voice you could improve the expressions a little bit though.

Overall this was a great second episode, yes it did have its flaws here and there but the final product was a solid action packed movie that any resident evil fan could enjoy, or any fan of just a good action flash. I think the series will only keep getting better, i hope it does too. Great job.
-A single thumb up! 3.5/5 (4 now 3 tomorrow)

Half-Sanity responds:

Thanks for the in-depth review. I'll adress a few of the things you mentioned, as well as some of the reviews left by others prior to you.

The thing some people seem to lose sight of is, we are very new to this whole process. I'm new as a writer, and a voice actor. Luffy is new to animating with Flash. Both of us are just at the bottom of the ladder of experience. So forgive us if what we produce isn't a perfected block-buster, we're working on it. =)

The small things that were noticed, the steering wheel, the lack of ANYTHING coming from the turret gun, as well as a few other things were definitely noticed by me. They could have been changed, but I guess they weren't. The sound of the gun warming up was very cheesy, but since we found it pretty amusing, we left it in there. We'll try to keep a more open eye to our own attention to detail from now on. I still stand by my opinion that compared to some of the....art that is posted here by Flash Newbies, we aren't doing too badly, and hopefully we will only get better.

Thank you very much for watching, and reviewing so honestly,

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Feb 3, 2006
8:11 PM EST
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