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H&S Insurance

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Author Comments

So, here's a spin-off from the R&S series, starring the ever-popular Health and Safety lady. Hope you enjoy it, and please, for the love of God, DON'T BLAM IT FOR NO BLOODY REASON.


((( CUTE )))

Cute flash with smooth looking art, and some good voice-overs, the "CHARACTER" was decent and nice backrounds, nice smooth colors aswell...

I would suggest bringing more characters into the flash as well as taking it into moe scenes and different ones with much more props and such...

A funny and cute flash very fresh feel, could use more to it though...


Decent flash.

For the most part it was enjoyable but voice of that pink thing was annoying.

It had its funny little moments such as the pink thing (Chancey I think its called) holding the gun up to that guys head. It was just like watching a real commercial (except the pokemon ). Voice acting was great on all parts it’s just that I am annoyed by pink things with extremely high pitched voices.

Graphics: Nice shading and use of color. Background was a little sloppy though.
Style: I don’t think pokemon doing an insurance commercial has ever been done before.
Sound: The fakeness in the actors voice was just like those phony real life commercials. Very well done.
Violence: The only violence I can think of is the gun part. Violence wouldn’t fit into this movie anyway.
Interactivity: It has a pre-loader so thats a plus.
Humor: It made me chuckle. Had a few funny lines in it, nothing knee slapping.

Overall it was a decent addition to the portal. So all I can say now is make more and the best of luck to ya:)

It was alright, only alright.

This cartoon was alright. I thought some things were pretty funny, and i used to love pokemon, and looking at those pokemon bring back good memories of trading cards, gameboy games, TV shows, and SuperSmash Bros. However, Other parts weren't so funny (in fact they were pretty lame) and the sound quality wasn't too great. Overall, it was about a 6, hence the rating.

it wasn't shit, not good, but not shit.

i can see the point yer making and it's funny lol, but you seriously (whoever the hell was doing the pink thing and the story line) needs to touch up on their voice acting and their script. you made your point, just not very well. oh and i'm feeling random today so here's a few words about pokemon i hafta say.

cunt slice

fuck cracker

shit bitch

cock flap

Tangelafan responds:

The voice of "the pink thing" is supposed to be drone and boring - She's based on a real person.

It saddens me to think that your list of profanities is the only thing that Pokemon haters can come up with in a debate.


this suck bad plz for the heal of every one plez stop do video

Tangelafan responds:

lol ur rite i shud stp do video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111112


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Credits & Info

2.72 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2006
5:49 PM EST
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