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Low quality may make it little smoother,or then not.

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I love these, random yet hillarious. Also, I get hungry while watching these, lmao, don't know why, must be some sublimminal messages in it, heh, keep up the great work!


Hah, it rythems!

~The good~

Graphics were done nicely, and gave off a very wierd atmosphere that I usually see in your flashes. Also, the music in the background was well done, and fit the urban bar setting. the voices in this also made me laugh, especially how you made it rythme, that was some classy shit, BBQ! Also, I liked how you also had subtitles because, even though the voices are funny, they're kind of hard to understand the first time around.

~The bad~

kind of short, I kind of wanted to hear more of the guy they call Cake, is he in any of yout other flashes, if not add him, maybe to a BBQBeefBurger episode.

Overall, a very cool flash of your, BBQ, keep up the good work. I hope my review was helpful!


Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

This is right now the only bbq movie where Carl the Cake has been.

Maybe we'll see him.

Gay bar, gay bar, gay bar!

First of all, thanks for the recommendation on putting quality to low since I did experience some lag problems on the preloader. Heh. Anyway, the sound, the music matches extremely well with Carl the Cake being gay! Well, this was a great adventure flash with BBQBeefburgerman! Well done!

/Mathias Andersson

Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

Yes,i thought the music would fit in.

thank you

thanks to that joke man i used it at the office today and won 50 thousand dollars in standup comedy contest thx

Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

Oh ok. Be my guest.


Wasnt that good as "So go fuck yourself", but man, i think that your hamburger figure should have some real series.

He should start to insult everyone, lol. The hamburger telling a ham sandwich to go fuck itself was great.

If possible, make the next one with the other old music again, and go to fucking pwn everything :D.

Bbqbeefburgerman responds:


Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2006
9:45 AM EST
Comedy - Original