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Demonic Courtship dressup

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This is a basic dressup game, featuring my original character Chai'myrra from Demonic Courtship, with a selection of outfits and colours, plus the ability to rotate and resize the individual pieces of clothing. Also, unlike most dressup games which use the "startDrag" method, this engine does not suffer from the problem of items "sticking" to the cursor if you release the button over another item.

There are no easter eggs in this game. The girl will not moan if you click on her breasts, so don't bother trying it.

Note: Half of the tassles are layered to be placed above the character layer, and the other half go behind her, to achieve varied outfit designs.

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A demon dress-up

Cool this was a decent one, a demon dress-up was kinda neat, I did notice there was no "HAIR" parts you only had clothing and accesories wich is ok, but would have been cool with some hair and random demon items, also alot of your dress up clothing was all too simular you should not just copy and past but make each one differant and random from each and other one, it would make your whole game alot better and more enjoyble. nut defanantly add more random stuff including more dews with this one, Also some backrounds would be really great for this, another thing that this game lacked in. Great flash here, i really like what you did here and the Effort does show, there was a few things that could be made better and some extra effort on your part would, theres a few things that would be great for this flash and it would show with some more effort so below are a few ideas that really could push this flash to the extra efforts, good luck on your other flash pieces i did enjoy this one.

I found this to be a decent flash, but still thought it could be better, I hope with abit more effort and some more ideas as suggested it can be much improved, You are going to want to do a alot more if you want this to stand up above the crowd, there are a number of things that could make it differant one would be not to use the same old patterns in items but more random and unique stuff, But the general idea is to make it your own and not like everyother one out there. Work more on the backrounds, the plain or just white one is ok but would be much better if you had some sorta colored version or maybe have the user chose there own kind, like with the click of a button of some kind. This is pretty good but needs more items, make some odd and unique items aswell, and some animated ones wouldnt hurt. just a few ideas that could improve on this decent game of yours. So all in all hope this helps and i think they would greatly making the flash more fun and high in quality.

cool but you shouldn't have to resize the parts.

Very nice!

This is very fun! The varied colors and designs are very interesting, and the clothes actually fit the body of the character. I do enjoy this, and the music has a dreamy quality that seems to fit the character's design--

Okay, now I'm babbling. XD But all the elements do compliment each other very well. :3


+/- its nice


that was truly a good game but if u make a next one make it hav a bra some guys only vote4 the boobs p.s. not me i vote 4the game