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The aim of the game is to wipe out the entire playing area of any squares. Move your mouse over squares to make them disappear. Sounds easy, eh? Well, if you go back over a square that has disappeared it comes back again!

Have fun!

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I LOVE THIS GAME ALL THE LEVELS AWESOME MAN SWEET ONE OF THE BEST!!!@!!!! IM ADDING THIS TO FAVORITES IM GONNA LIKE PLAY THIS EVERYDAY. i played one just like it but this one way better. Make more just like it i love mini game madness and stuff like that

out a decent

Played it. Completed it.

I'm sure I'd played this before. Ah well. Probably didn't review then.


++++ I like the basic game mechanic.

-- Seen it before on the experimental gameplay project website.

+++ You have some interesting levels. I like how your levels are designed.

----- The scoring system sucks. You could have maybe made it so we got bonus points for time remaining. Maybe 10 for each second? And maybe we could get 10 points for removing a tile, but lose 11 for making it return?
That way we'd have to think a bit and try to do the levels in min # moves for a better score...
Also, have an actual penalty for dying.
As is, everyone will get the perfect score.

--- No high score table.

++ Decent music

Cool game. I vote you keep developing it. Add levels. Sort out a decent scoring system. If you add a lot of levels, maybe have multiple modes (for different game lengths).

Nick responds:

Thanks for the great review. Yes, I've taken into account most of what you've said for the sequel (which I started about two weeks ago). So far it's looking good.

Simple, addicting, and fun

The 3-hit-combo to gaming goodness!

Great game!

Good job, this game kept me playing right 'til the end.


Nothing more to say. Seen it before. Only the interface around the game is a tad diffrerent, but identical game.