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The counting game

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The idea is simple. You are shown a block of text/numbers. You have to count how many instances there are of a given letter or word or phrase.

It can't get any simpler. But can you beat the timer ?


Uh Oh!

An over-used idea badly implemented.

Even if I hadn't read a previous review, I would've known what was happening, simply because the text box wasn't selectable. Something that actually functions as it should - for example the mouse-maze game from a while back - would have worked a fair bit better.

And rather than something that asks us to do stuff quickly, getting us pumped up anyway, something that asks for care and patience (like - again - the mouse game) works better as a contrast for the 'shock'.

In any case, this genre seems stupidly tired and that was the case even in 06. It's a simple prank and we don't need more examples of it - there are already enough floating around.

I wonder if this strengthens or weakens our hearts?

Unique and clever.

I never saw it coming. I love these kind of things. I am so going to attempt to show more people this.

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That scared me half to death!
Nice job.

Holy Fuck Shit

Holy fuck that suprised me. I was consentrating very carefully on the screen and that shit popped up. Id have to say that even tho its only a few seconds long and that its not really a movie, that it accomplished your goal. It reminds me more of the stuff thats usually at ebaums. I think its cool, now I just gotta get my friends to do it.

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1.90 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2006
7:16 PM EST
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