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SW toon trailer

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A trailer which only catches a glimps of the comady which is going to follow, the full ep's will run around 4 mins long (but will never follow the same player)



"Aw crap not again" Isnt the whole poitn of counterstrike to ether kill eachother, bomb, or hostigas over and over in a totaly repetative and permanent loop? ofcourse tis guna be again :p

Llamalord responds:

Dont forget surf maps lol.... but thankfully the cartoons will....erm..... look over there?!?! a moose! *runs*

Looks promising

It's on my waiting list. Never played CSS myself. Don't really have the money or the parental permission to do so. Oh well, the revolution is near at hand! Anyway, good flash. I think you could spend a bit more work on it, and I appreciate you minimal potty breaks too.

Llamalord responds:

nnneeeeeeddddeeddddd to peeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... anywayz.... as for CSS.... in one word:


there we go :P i been playin it to long to "big it up" lol


funny stuff, does counter strike really ban cheaters and all of that?

Llamalord responds:

Well i have yet to see a server actually work that way, i prefer the good ol' way lol ADMIN ABUSE :P (been a good way to ban any cheater/any one you suspect of cheating/anyone who annoys you/anyone who kills you/duke....)

Holy cr*p

Wow it's very nice though you need to improve a tiny bit about graphic.Can't wait to see your eps.

Llamalord responds:

lol thanks, when the eps come out (hopefully starts next week and 1 every 2 weeks) i will be working with 2 other people on it, i put the comady together (dont worry, i am a funny guy in real life lol) they will do gfx and other...things..... yeah made sense when i started typing lol

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2.33 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2006
10:25 PM EST
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