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Yay! a new movie by me... hasn't done too bad on my site, so I give it to you 'grounders! it is perfect, so if you find flaws, they were meant to be there. Freshly mined from between my buttcheeks. Enjoy!

EDIT: New Theme from second movie has been applied to this one, hope you like!

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This was ok. I feel like it would be better if the characters had more movement. The sound quality was nice though, no white noise.


itsa d iffernt style of cartoon and it may only appeal tos ome people but hey, whatever floats your boat

Refreshly New

Gave it a 5 even though I felt it was trying slightly too hard to be offensive.

Nice work. Loved it's style.

Headless-Chicken-Man responds:

Thank you, your praise and politely put critisms are a blessing to this site, it's people like you and the other nice polite people in this community who should be commended, even if their views are cotraversial or they don't like what they are reviewing, the simple fact that they take care of their wording and consider other peoples feelings is a shining example to what this site was intended to be.

Well....it was ok. It wasn't very funny though.


Headless-Chicken-Man responds:

Well, you put it better than some people...

Luvin it!

This was great! It was just plain original and pretty funny. Don't listen to everyone else saying "j0 are teh suX0r at teh flash! Blam tehse haX0rs frum NG!", because they're just assholes who judge a book by it's cover. Hope to see more!

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2.80 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2006
6:00 PM EST
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