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how long can you survive by orbiting around different planets collecting items.
The controls are the arrow keys and the mouse.. if thats not clear already

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Good idea...

This has a great potential to be a puzzle game. Try to add some outside forces, some easier controls, and some limits (not always able to orbit, or orbit limits, or some factors like that), and you’d have a very interesting, and fun, puzzle on your hands!

Good game

Overall well done, I have a few problems though.
1) The green orbiters kept disappearing. I didn't know this would happen (there was no warning anywhere in the instructions), and in the end I had only one green circle, with no yellow circles that it could hit.
2) If an orbit went outside of the screen, I got bounced back. This shouldn't happen. I should be able to swing outside of the screen on orbit. Fix it.

A few small things, and you'll have a great game.

Great job!

I thought your game was pretty cool. The only few gripes I have are:

-The graphics need to be upgraded a little.
-It would be cool if there was more then one item type to get.

Good time killer, and very original! Keep making stuff. You've got a very creative mind.

Confusing at first

It is because of the interesting control schemes. But once I got the hang of it, it is a pretty good time-killer. Keep making unique ideas, because that what makes a game designer an extraordinary game designer.

jimmy responds:


Very creative

This is like a whole new style of game. I can't think of anything that it is like. I think you've got a great starting idea here. You need to do something to jazz it up, though. It gets boring after a short while of play. Maybe put in different kinds of objects, worth different points. One way or the other, you definitely need to increase the speed, make it faster paced. Maybe add levels, too, where things change after you collect so many rings. Also, there was some number off to the left that I had no idea what it represented... I like the dual controls, using both mouse and keyboard at the same time. I like the jumping from object to object, and the positioning rings before you select the next object. The sound loop of that Tetris remix didn't appeal to me, though. Maybe have a song selection, or something with not as short of a loop.

jimmy responds:

thanks for the reveiw..and the ideas. i was thinking of doing a second game like this. because this one is a bit basic

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3.03 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2006
4:34 PM EST
Skill - Collect