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Ok, Those who dont like evangelion dont see this movie and vote 0.
If you like evangelion...wont find the graphics impressing, but who cant love ReiĀ“s Poem???

And to all who post:
That poem sucked... or something like that i just have to say:

FUCK YOU! Evangelion RuleZ.

...thank you...

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"FUCK YOU! Evangelion RuleZ."
Ah, 2001 was a simpler time. This was also before 9/11 too. This guy, when he posted this, had no clue that in less than a month something like 9/11 would happen. The Middle East still had functioning countries. Liberal and Libertarian were interchangeable terms.

...19 years later, what has the world come too? And 19 years from now, will someone be reading this comment the same way I am reading his? Stay strong, future dude, regardless of whatever the situation might be like in the far off year of 2039.


That poem sucked... but actually though.

Not just saying it because of the description, but the wording was just too blunt, it was saying facts that we already know in an edgy way, there is great value in subtlety, and this poem has none of it. Probably sounds better in Japanese or whatever language it was in first.

Besides the value of the actual poem, this looks like a crappy edit of the audio and a bunch of still images to create "effect." It didn't.

Edit: Just watched all of Evangelion to get some context, worth it. Still this is shit, and is done much better in the anime. This isn't really a "poem," but rather a chain of existential thoughts that gets even more significantly stated later.

Rei is my waifu and nothing else matters

i like it

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3.83 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2001
2:20 PM EDT

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