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Supah Mario Dy Es

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Whee, almost a year after Mario Dumbshine, i decided to make a second Mario movie. Was originally supposed to be a "mario in 4 minutes"movie, like the sonic adventure/battle one, but the story was a little to complex for that, so now the movie's normal anyway..well normal...

And why does the movie seem to small/ big in the window? I don't understand, i filled the form in correctly O_o;
damnit X__X

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So you aready did Sunshine and 64 DS now where's that Mario Galaxy Parody!!!

Eh well either way this is an old favorite and frankly I kinda miss your old animation style its more fuid and colorful. Either way keep up the good work

I don't think this is one of Roger's best films, but it's not terrible. The audio quality is low, but the voice acting isn't bad at all. The sprites next to the subtitle area was REALLY distracting... I wish they weren't there at all. Roger's bad artwork and crappy animation has its own unique charm that makes me actually like it. The subtitles have SOOOOOoooo many typos, it's ridiculous.

this is the best movie ever made by roger. this is one of his best parodys it funny and the graphics are good for when it was made!

crapy very crapy 0.0 anys in the bottom luigi is like IM SO PREETY and mario is like about to have a heart attack lol i like how it goes and all but its very crapy im sorry i have to let it out :( and it still ok and how you know im ms. complane T^T then i saw it said i did no mean wht i said

i like it but its a little crappy with the looks i mean there should be a more real but in all i LOVE IT