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Oswald 2

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Everyone's favorite... Uh... Blob... Guy... Is up to his old tricks again... And you get to be part of the action! You lucky SOB!

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some compliments and complaints

i like the guitar you really improved at it but i'm cumfused why you changed the speed of his vioce, it was fine the first movie i think, and the subtitles, if people dont understand they should just learn to listen more carfully other the those two i loved it keep it up it's bound to make front page some day


Ghosty22 responds:

I think that the difference in speed is due to the fact that I spoke very slowly and then sped up the voices later in the first one. When I sped them up, the pitch got higher as a result.

Then I got a different recording program which allowed me to change the pitch without messing with the speed. This was easier for me, because I could speak at a more natural pace.


(You get 1 Violence for poking poor blobby things!)

This...was really weird. Oswald is frightening. So friggin' bizarre and random...

But really good animation and style. Loved it.

Ghosty22 responds:

He he...


i love it..very interestinG!

Imagination Let Go.

What a fantistically wonderful imagination you have there.
But what an annoying voice Oswald has!

Ghosty22 responds:

He's going through puberty! Give him a break!


That was right up my back alley; absolutly loved it, the voice style and the animation were really great. Keep it up.

Ghosty22 responds: