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I know I have told people in the past that I wasn't going to do soundboards anymore, but when I found this video I just couldn't resist. I ripped all the sounds from the video, didn't just save them like the other soundboards. Hope you enjoy. If you don't know who this lady is, there is a short commentary on the preloader screen.

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How is this different from your other SB?

How this different from your other sound board Meet Marguerite Perrin? I see the other one was improved but why didn't you delete this one? Well the graphics were pretty good and I see you actually put some buttons on it. The sound quality was bad though. It was very quiet. I think that is definetely something you can improve on. There were many sound clips and a lot were pretty funny. Though, it wasn't that great. Sorry, I just didn't really like this sound board.

FattyWhale responds:

Hah! deleting entries is for old men and pregnant women!


now i see that youtook this sound board and merged it into a new one with the movie clips, so i guess il say similar things so that this doesn't turn out to be a short crappy review, well the sound was good, and the styles ok, the grashics not bad, violence 0, interactive yep, and it was pretty funny good job 3/5,

FattyWhale responds:

This is one of my favorites, this lady never get's old. Thanks for the review!

Pretty Good, Actually

--The Good--

This was actually a pretty good soundboard; there were tons of sounds,. I also liked that when you pressed on a sound, it changed to white. Some of the soudns were (I agree with Agak) very funny. I especially liked the "She's not a Christian!" one. That was a very good one, in my opinion. Also, there was some interactivity in this flash, and there was some violence (which may or may not be a good thing).

--The Improvement-Needed--

Well, the black background WAS kind of dull (once again I agree with Agak [although I might not have noticed it if he hadn't mentioned it]). The graphics in this soundboard weren't that great, either... the picture on the second page of sounds was kind of small and fuzzy. This isn't a huge complaint, but I just toguht I;d mention that.


Overall, I gave you a 7. This is, actually, a pretty good soundboard... it just needs some improving! Anyway, nice job!

FattyWhale responds:

It's hard to find good pictures of the bloated bitch unfortunately.

I saw this after I saw the updated one :\

~The good~

You had more than plenty quotes in this one, two whole pages and 61 quotes is an awesome amount. The quotes were unbelievably hillarious as well, so many of them made me laugh, you truely captured the best moments of that Trading Spouses episode, good job!

~The bad~

The black background was a step down from most of your other soundboards, it made it very bland and boring to look at as you're going through the quotes. Also, some more pictures would've been nice.

Overall, I have seen these before in a more updated version, so I was less impressed by this one. This is your best soundboard yet, very great job. I hope this review was helpful!

Review Request Club

FattyWhale responds:

I couldn't get a good background done for this one sadly and when I made this it was actually pretty hard to find some good high quality pictures. Thanks for another review.

out of my house!

_nothing worse than a zealot I think. Its those types that burnt people at the stake. Wowza. That woman scares me. *shivers*
_Anywho! Well you made another sound board and I kinda like it. You have the soundboard thingy down pretty good. I hope making them has taught you some good actionscripting skills you can use in other movies and digital media. This soundboard is way different due to its subject matter. I don't know where you found the original video to get the sounds but ...wow
_Speaking of sound, I thought it was pretty good. Its about the same volume of everything else I was watching this morning and nothing is muffled. The sounds are clear and the woman, even when she screams is still clear.
_Speaking of violence, I have always wondered why no one ever adds animation to different elements of a sound board. I know, most people make them for people to use as pranks and radio DJs use them for various stuff on their shows but why not add a short animation clip to some of the buttons while the phrase is being played? *Just a thought* If you ever make another, perhaps you would consider it.
_Your interactivity is at its tops. Enough said.
Well, my review ends. I enjoyed this, it was a different genre and different is always good. This woman is an unknown and I tend to dislike stuff thats overdone anyway. And on a side note, I hope that woman never gets a position of authority or we're all toast. *shivers some more*

FattyWhale responds:

Thanks for the nice long review! I'm glad that you enjoyed playing with this soundboard, I had a lot of fun making it. I agree with most of your opinions, especially the ones about this lady being completely nuts! :P I have the clips of the show that I ripped the sounds from, so if I can find out how to import them to flash I may include a few of them along with updated sounds to more suit a prank call in a new version of this. So look out for that in the next couple of months! Once again, thanks for the review!

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Jan 28, 2006
3:54 PM EST
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