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This is a little ditty me and a friend devised. Why do we all love and ruefully loath the orginal NES Metroid. Updated with sounds and music.
1-Spinny the Zoomer
2-Tourin Doors
3-Kamikaze Skrees
4-Mother Brain Lava Pit
4-Uneven Missile Count
5-Escape Lag
6-Justin Bailey

UPDATE: Synth did none of this. It was all me. "Spinny the Zoomer" was so his idea, though. And, yes, I realize it's not that great. But I've got another movie coming soon.

This is Volume I of the "Reasons to Love and Hate The Original Metroid" Volume II is out, as is Volume III. Check back soon for the "Reasons to Love and Hate the Original Metroid: Anthology"


hmm funny

ive personally never played the original metroid but these made me laugh quite a bit(i usually have to see the game stuff to get it) simple and funny.... and the music didnt bug me that much >.> well maybe thats cuz im half deaf from the dance i went to last night >.>

Pretty Good

It was alright. Some coulda been better. Especially the scene with Samus burning and talking to Mother Brain. My personal favorite was the scene with the doors holding Samus while Rinkas maul her to death. Great. One thing that kinda urked me was that you did not include Ridley or Kraid. I LOVES KRAID, he's tougher than Ridley. Anyway, improve a little on your techniques and keep it up.

Xenolord responds:

Thank you for actually speaking your mind. The main and core reason for no Kraid\Ridley jokes is, plain and simple. I couldn't think of any. If I had even one, I would've put one in. If you get the change and can think up some Kraid\Ridley\other things I could do, please don't be afraid to email them to me, and I may consider doing a sequel. More things we love and hate...Hum...

about average

There were some funny parts but other than that pretty average.

Oops, you missed a spot.

...Yeah that wasn't funny. Or original. Or well done. Or anything. And what was that ending?


Goodness, learn to spell.

Xenolord responds:

What did I mis-spell? I checked everything, like, eight times. Huh.

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1.99 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2006
7:43 PM EST
Comedy - Original