Mouse Machine v1.0

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A game I started and just wanted to get over with so I kind of rushed it. It seems decent then gets crappier cuz of my lack of caring. I guess if this does well Ill improve it.I made all the music and such as well.



if you liked it then srry but i found it more entertaining to kill the mouse than to actually play.


theres a glitch where the cheese spawns off the playing field, but overall good games

I hate that dam cat

i beat the freakin game and when i clicked the cat it said i didnt fix it!lol

zipperdeaf responds:


gotta love that game

that game is cool and fun it gets very hard but its a great game. i got up to level 5

pretty good

it was good, some advice, try making something else to it besides just dodging obstacles. You might add that after a certain point you can start to use your machine to move faster or earn lives or blow up obstacles. I really liked the choic of the music though, it went wth the game. The graphics were alright to as well as the smoothness of the game. I didn't have any problems with glitching or skipping so that was a good sign. So just think about adding more depth to your games besides just dodgin and moving and I think you'll be in a good spot.

zipperdeaf responds:

good idea, at the end tho, you do battle the cat with the machine, but thats where I slack off and it sucks

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3.30 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2006
6:35 PM EST
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