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Author Comments

This is a movie about war. War and meat pie. If you hated this one, be sure to check out my others! Vitamins and minerals!

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nice song choice

nice style (everyone likes stickmen) and alot of violence,but it was the same thing over and over kinda make it have a story line or a REASON they are fighting.

to the guy who thinks canada is for wimps:
dear pumpkinplague:
you suck like a tard and you think we are all wimps,
so you are calling the future president of your country a wimp?eh?
that is what you think dumbass,we GAVE you reinforcments
you think bombing the shit out of iraq will help?
you think that i can kill you and you wont give a shit?
your saying when i make US the new canada your gonna murder yourself?
your saying i have every right to make a complete asshole out of you whenever i want?
if so i want to beat the shit out of you american bastard
how about go to iraq ok?


It was really crappy and horrible

not that bad

animation kinda sucked but i think you have potential to be good
good song choice..haha
better luck next time

and to the guy who reviewed this thing a down a few and is bashing Canada
to hell with you man
you didnt give us Canada hell you guys tried takin it from us and we had to fight for it you idiot
and dont say that we dont fight in the world...do you know how many of our troops are over in 3rd world countries fighting
and you know what the REASON were safe and you arnt is cuz your presidents dont know shit about peace and think that bombing the crap outta something is how you solve problems
jeez man mabey you should learn about what your gunna insult first you redneck


the song was really cool, but this animation overall sucked.

I don't like your tone.

I don't like your tone. You’re in Canada, and you are showing all these images of the US fighting with people? Well ... We gave you Canada. In fact the US gave the french the shittiest part of the continent, as a reward for helping us out. Why did you help out? Only cause you wanted land.

All you have to do is hide up their like a panty waist. You guys are safe, because you’re on the same block as big brother. If I am a capitalist pig, I guess that makes you the rat, hiding in the hay.

I am pretty sure I hate you.

Credits & Info

2.62 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2001
4:52 PM EDT