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Punichex Golden Version

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TIP: Attack the first master only in the edge of his tail, otherway you'll lose lives fast.

BETS are avilable when you finish on HARD.

After 4-5 hours of intensive work the best edition is out.
Visit www.coolroy.tk for more games!

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needs work but still ok

not bad

first time playing your series of games

can't seem to past the second level with the animal...can't break the egg? BUG? Keep it up!

coolroy responds:

sorry, FIXED


this game is the worst game that i have ever seen in the entire fucking world


ok just bcos ur website ppl like it dont mean we have too. its hard conttrols adn i alwasy get eaten wen i attack. sorry if were not as nice as the others but this is newgrounds m8.

coolroy responds:

Did you read my last review?
My level is realy much higher then this check out the Kitoma collection.
This is just an old edited game.
Maybe I'll make a game with all my current knowledge and he'll be great even Kitoma I made before a half year and Punichex before about a year.


u seriously need to rethink your keyboard layout as my hands now ache, plus, at which part of the creature is the danger cus as soon as i even touch his ass im losin lives faster than a blind cat in rush hour traffic!

i recommend you seriously rethink your main role in,life, try designing a cartoon as your animations arent bad, we could do with another good flash.

try again :)

coolroy responds:

Oh sorry did't I tell you?
Here is a quote from my website:

"it's one of my best games but the FPS is only 12 and the ActionScript is realy old and lots of complicated and worthless lines, I can't understand anything that I wrote when I was a begginer in AS so I didn't edit most of the scripting, I just added some and I renewed most of the graphics."

The gameplay has a nice potential.
Besides everybody here liked it.