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Author Comments

"Hello this is 3 of 4 flash "books" i created from my drawning books.
this is the oldest of my recent works.
the file is big so if you don't have a DSL or cable modem you may not be able to see it
it's 800 X 600
this is an art showcast please view and review it as such. Thank you" "

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i liked your work keep it up. you could try to make them more organized or something rather than just a slide show.

do what you want

This was unbeliavely cool!

Shut up boboDAmonkey,lets see you do better.You don't have an animation and you are level 6.God damn you are a level 6 newbie.I am not saying I can draw better then you because I can't draw well and I didn't see your drawings but I bet they are worse than mine!I can continue like this for a month and I am gonna continue...Please shut your mothersucking mouth and get fucked!

Cool drawings,what can I say!So cool.


pretty good. dont listen to the dude before me. i thought it was good art. i also think it is weird how you are a black badass who likes anime and all, but we all are weird freaks...in someway. no, i'm just kidding. i couldnt draw like that...i dont think... DAMNIT IVE NEVER TRIED! LET ME GET SOME PAPER....OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I AM THE BEST ARTIST SINCE DIVINCHI!


All right look.... I know you're trying. But come on brotha...get the fuck out of your house, and get laid. Maybe then you would know what a woman’s' body looks like, and how it works. The little wooden figurines will only take you so far. I know you're a fat guy (hence all the fat bitch pics) or a real skinny guy who envies the fat pigs. Regardless YOU CAN STILL GET SOME ASS! And you need to do just that. Your proportions were horrible, and the whole thing looked like my high school literary art magazine. (With the added horrid music, that just furthered your anime comic book wannabe ass) I'm not trying to make you overdose on aspirin in a pathetic attempt to take your own life, but you're 23. Real life is the only way to completely improve your skills. I will be in NJ for a few more weeks, email me and I'll get your fatass laid. Just make sure you wear UV protective sunglasses, and some skin protection in case we run into sunlight.

good but room for improvment

anime is a difficult artform to master as the body proportions dont follow that of the natural world. u need to work some more on your proportions sometimes the hands were too small for the size of the body or someparts were too big well u get my drift. anyway keep up the good work

Credits & Info

2.43 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2001
3:31 PM EDT
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