The Good Ghost

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Author: Adrian Toma, aka adi4x
Website: http://www.playerforever
Published on: 2006
Game notes: You have to rescue your 3 little ghost kids from the bad ghosts!
Author's age: 28
Location: Romania
Job: IT
Game dev experience: 5 years


It's pretty cute. I don't like having to start again after dying, though. And I'm not even sure why I died anyway. I don't think I hit anything... Oh, well. It was pretty cute. The ghost had a pretty goofy smile. It's nice to play a game where the ghost is good.

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i'ts ok

i'ts a little bit hard and wow to the story


Good enough game. Cute story and great graphics.

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A little bit more was needed ....

It's fairly fun the first time you try the game, but it doesn't have a bit of replay value . It's just wrong to have to start over again once you die, but than again it seems more like a pac-man rip-off . The music while it's the same track over, and over it fits the game . The enviournments are colorfull and very spooky ... ok not spooky, but ghost looking . I did encounter some slowdowns at times when playing the game . It's decent, but it needs a bit more of things .

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ok i guess good effort

nice try props for that but keep tryin

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3.26 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2006
3:23 AM EST
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