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DuckHunt 1945

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Author Comments

What would you get if you mix "Call of Duty" with "DuckHunt"?

I guess it would be something like this...

Thanks for all the great reviews and the frontpage :)!
I wonder how "pong" and "Age of Empires" would mix...

Try to find the 2 cheats!

Started on this game on 3 October 2005.
I have been working on and off on this game and it has taken me way to long.

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Just like the original!


Not so good

This game is very bad because of the agility of the ducks, i shoot a full clip of my thompson into one bird (aiming down sight) and it does not die, and those dudes that shoot you are SO ANNOYING!!


this game was funny i liked it it wasn't as good as original duck hunt but it was funny

Nice game...

...but you need to look up on your history. I noticed the swastika in the last level was mirrored.

Very disappointing.

Well, not TOO bad butI liked the origional better. The dogs aim can be realy harsh even on easy.