The Portal Guardian

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A game by Inglor and luksy. Version Patched :D

All you illwillpress fans who vote and review zero feel free to email me and ask me if I care ;)

Instructions: "a" and "s" to shoot, "z" and "x" to reload.

The Portal Guardian, our two cents about the ugly mass voting that has been going on for a long time. We just dislike how some people vote on flashes by some authors before they even see them. this is what demotivates artists and disallows them to improve their work. This isn't aimed at just any illwillpress fan, it is only aimed at those hardcore sickos who only vote 5 on foamy and do so before they watch.

If you share the cause, visit the ucfd.
If you wanna play more fun games, visit www.armorgames.com

luksy: Inglor made me do it (I just couldn't resist the hot sexual energies bursting from him).

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I appreciated how you made this so different. The main fault is that it seemed a bit too difficult. I am glad I appeared to have infinite ammo. There seemed to be way too many shots you had to take to kill your enemies. I don't think the perspective was all that good in this. I must have been shooting so early.

It's still worth a quick look because it does have some memorable parts to it. It's fun to hear those bullets go around over and over. The enemies reminded me of the enemies. I thought this would be about the website because of the "Portal" in the name. It still wasn't bad.

Too much lag.

Do I really need to esplain? mouse movement is horrible.

stupis muther trucker its gayness is like a kick


kinda gay..

The game gets pretty repetitive, and the dual-gunfire likes to lag. Pretty lame, actually. because even on the lowest quality, after some upgrades the enemies get through due to the game lag.

Good game, but is it supposed to end

I found it quite fun, and interesting how if you highten the max that it doesnt raise it right away, but how those prices never changed. There was a point I came to though where nothing happened, I didnt lose since I had 25 hp left, but nothing came up to say it was over. Bug or never included perhaps?

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3.70 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2006
8:19 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed