The Boy With No Face

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I made this today, had the idea a few weeks back, the sound isn't great but i quite like the animation, any constructive reviews are greatly appreciated! Thanks for watching!

Edit: If you vote low could you please take the time to write a review so i know how to improve future flashes? thankyou



I can see some Hitchcock influences, blatent and subtle. As well as some interesting Seth McFarlane influences.

Never thought those two genres could ever be blended buy you did it well.

You could try de-hissing the recorded audio, the static on the background of it just annoys me slightly.
The lip sync is slightly off every second time the guy says something. Might be a problem on my pc though.

Other than that twas poi-fect. Kepp up the good work Jay-jay.

Nice Job!

I thought that you could of made it a bit longer but i laughed at the music. the graphics were a little scetchy but other than that good Jon!


Iv been watching heaps of cartoon today but your so the only one that i really laughed at..

very very funny...good job mayt



The only reason I continued to watch was because your pant boy looked a bit like ralph wiggum and thought maybe something was going to come out of that.

jaytmek responds:

well that was constructive! good job some people on new grounds know a little about flash and at least what constructive critism is.. still... at least you don't have an odd coloured penis or fantacise about "flash" licking it like the guy who wrote the last review... sheesh...

blah shit sandwitch

this flash licked my purple penis you lick dick and so dose you sister who i pooped on and drop kicked down the stairs

jaytmek responds:

ok, first things first, if your penis is purple, for god sakes get to a doctor! if you don't when you get to about 12 you'll hit puberty and your penis might fall off.

Secondly, it seems you may well be delusional. "This flash" is a bunch of numbers stored somewhere in the world on a pc. Data cannot lick your penis.

If i had a sister i am sure at somepoint a penis would touch her tongue, although thats really not something i'd like to think about

now how you pooped on, and dropped kicked an imaginary character is beyond me...

in conclusion, you have serious physical, and mental problems which i would recommend getting looked at...

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2.95 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2006
3:11 PM EST
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