Who took the last cookie?

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Well, this flash is really just about Kirby wanting some cookies, finding out that there are none. He'll use every mean neccesary to get his revenge, and Pichu took the last cookie, so.. Enjoy =)
Btw, aviable for Kirby is among others, a rocket launcher.. ^^

Erlend(main author): Finally.. Our very first flash is submitted to the legendary Newgrounds ^^
I did most of the animating, most of the graphics and half of the voice acting + searching for sound fx.
But Veggo and Long did important parts too, so..

The music just rocks, hope you like it! Also, I'm quite sure you'll have a laugh when you hear Long's screaming just before the end =D

There is some Norwegian text in the flash, so here's a little list of what it means, so you'll not miss any points..
Kake! Kake er godt! = Cookie! Cookie's awesome!
God Jul = Merry Christmass/Happy holidays

So, that's about it, enjoy the flash and don't hold back on the reviews!


the animation may not age well, but still i foud a special place on my heart because how random this is, i simply like it

i wanna say this was bad even for 2006.... how it still holds a 4 is beyond me.

Make a red ball 4 version.
Enemy box: Kirby
Red ball: pichu.
???: Cookie filler.

i really like the voices,5 star

its a really good shooter volince video its really funny and I really like the matrix reference very VERY good work!

sw00t-team responds:

Thanks for the kind words, man, and also thanks for watching. :)

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4.11 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2006
5:10 PM EST
Comedy - Parody