Drug Street short #1

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Hello! This is the first of many Drug Street shorts to come about. Regular episodes take a while to be produced. So while those are being made , we will entertain you with these! :) Enjoy!

Info: About 1 Mb , About 40 seconds , Made in flash 5

Description: Everyone is turning into a rapper and its freakin Billy out!



elmo was doing poop lol

OMG! Thats great!!

That was extremely funny. I think I watched it aboput 3 times before I calmed myself down so I could write this review. Oh My God! Thats so funny! Its great to know you will be entertainig us with these shorts while the big episodes are in production! :) Great Show! :D

way too short..........

nothing really happened man........my advice to you is too make it longer.......and have a plot at least. wat is your idea of a rapper? they take a shit in public and call each other g's?

Drumunit responds:

The way you described it its like we are against Rap? Or rappers? Whatever you mean , you are wrong. Pooping is not our idea of a rapper.Thats what that character does! He has a pooping disorder. Duh. So he does that automaticly. The G thing. You just kinda fiqure that in a rapper. okay?


i agree with the guy before me compleatly, if you make a series out of these you should definatly A: put more work into them and B: make them at least a little funny, otherwise they are just a waste of space

Drumunit responds:

First off , I wil correct all your points. For A: Put more work into them. Okay , Its a short movie. I dont need to makema SHORT movie 4 inutes if thats what you are getting at. Didnty you read the title? Drug Street SHORT? B: Make them a litle funny. If its not your humor type you dont need to say make it more funny. We cant fit everyones comedy needs. Havent you ever relized that with flash artists? Alright. There. I've proved you wrong. My work is done for the day.

ITs Not that good

This definetly needs work I have Know idea what you are thinking but this is really bad.

Drumunit responds:

Well , will you ever learn to spell? Also , did you even look at the title a SHORT? I'm a begginer with flash too. You could see it in my work. So , calm down.

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3.07 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2006
10:42 PM EST
Comedy - Parody