Fun in the Snow!

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Fun in the Snow.



He fell.


I rated your first movie I loved your style of drawings. I also stated in your first you needed to work on the faces. seems that still a problem but w/e it was funny and i like it

JoelSem responds:

I've been trying to work on faces, but it hasn't been coming out very well. I have no style for faces, just for backgrounds and still images.
Thanks for the review, and thanks for watching.

I'm liking your flashes.

I think you have a creative mind, this was a funny idea and it managed to get a laugh out of me, glad it didn't get blammed as it didn't deserve to be. You put effort into your flashes which also impresses me. I'm looking forward to your future works as I feel you have potential. I think you should continue making random flashes like these and you might have yourself a little collection. :)
Keep it up.

JoelSem responds:

Thanks for the review.
Didn't even know this flash got any attention anymore, lol.
I'm working on a collab right now. Would have been submitted earlier, but the save-file became corrupted.


This was a very cute flash. The movement was very nice for the character. He has some good facial exprestions as well.
Only thign I wish is that there was some more humor in this. Or have the character do more stuff. Seemed a bit short too me.
Overall not bad.

JoelSem responds:

A review from a person with as much power as you have means alot to me : )
Thanks for all of the compliments.
As for the negatives, I have very limited flash experiance, It was supposed to be very short and very unexpected, the aim of it was to be random : )
Thanks for the review, and look out for a collab that my friends and I are putting together : )


Joel, why, oh why did you use 99 red ballons....the english version anyways. Ugh, the german one is way better.
Anyways, your drawings are good, animation is ok, but for god sake put some dialouge in your clips.

And maybe make some better blood.

A line of MS Paint red doesn't count!

JoelSem responds:

Lol, I don't do Dialouge. Voice over sucks.
The blood was what it needed to be. It was seeping through the snow.


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2.64 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2006
10:48 PM EST
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