Kogent Knight

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*Wow! Thnks you so much for front page, im really glad you enjoyed our game, we put alot of effort, sorry about the few glitches, we are currently trying to fix them up.

Hello Newgrounds! This is our latest game, Kogent Knight. Including a story, action, and great artwork, this game is sure to keep you busy.

Art by Buzzwerd-
Programming by True_Darkness

Check out the game's options to toggle quality and a cool little feature called the TV Filter, by Buzzwerd-.

This game took quite some time but here is the final product, up-to-date and ready to play! So have fun!

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The game is good, a little macabre though.

I thought it was a great game... at first. After about 3 rounds i had bought the best weapon and only died once throughout the whole game... and that was at the beginning when i still didn't really know the controls. If it had more weapons to buy or maybe better armor that would be great. The other big issue was it was very short i think i beat it in around 5-10 minutes, this is an issue for me because it was a challenging fun game at first but quickly lost most of that as the game went on and i had the better weapons. Therefore, ok game BUT would be a great game if it got progressively harder, you could get more weapons or something to that degree, and it was longer.

The carecter is awesome!

I found this to be a decent game, but there were some major flaws. First of all, you just ran out of stamina too easily. It seems like you could just omit that feature altogether. I do think it's drawn pretty well. I like the cute little sounds like the boing whenever he jumps. There was also a nice variety of enemies.

Too bad it didn't take a lot of them to drain your stamina. I appreciate how it's clear to understand. It's easy to recognize the medievial music. I just think it becomes too difficult. For the most part, good.


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3.77 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2006
8:03 PM EST
Action - Other