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The Story Of S.Beinefield

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Author Comments

This is my second flash submission.
Expect bad english gramma and shitty spoken german-english slang - I'm sorry for that but my english did not get better since my first submission, maybe it sounds funny to you at all :P

About the story:

All ideas and stuff are based on brainstormings
while having math at school

Main charakter "Sebastian Beinefield"
also exists in real live,
it is a classmate and of course a good friend.
We loughed about how his name "S. Binnefeld" would sound if we translate it word by word into english, so this is where the name "Beinefield" comes from: Bein = Leg

Tristan Stone, in real life his name is "Stein"
is also a good friend and

From Markus M. comes the Idea with the
"Tanz Ohne Beine"-Song... See vocabularies
if you want to know what it means :)

Some important vocabularies (for better understanding) :

Bein = Leg
Feld = Field
Tanz ohne Beine = Dance without legs

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sebastian beinefield who lost his bein... in the field XD it was not funny in a funny way but it was weird.... which made it funny XD.. so in the end... it is funny indeed XD



Weeeeee that sucked

nuff said this is just a waste of time, thank you.

I'm Sebastian Beinefield

It is wonderful ^^ the first Flash about myself!
Kim you have talent!

Keep it up!

Ps. Tristan Stone looks so funny XD

Tschöh mit Öh

Sebastian Beinefield alias Binni-tha-first


Dude that was funny i love the use of german and the randomness im also hlad theres a stoner guy in it who has an amazing idea, he reminds me of me...