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Andrea's Heart

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On and off work in a week... I know this is short and still the animation is crappy but I want to try the style called Flash-ga... MY INVENTION and if it's out there, then too bad. People love to read manga... people love anime... so here is the in-between, a flash-ga... with some semi-nudity and blood so you are warned... I hope my next ones will improve... also the music will be continuous til the end... so that's my fault haha. enjoy... it's for the sappy ppl out there...

STORY: A year after Andrea's death, Liam remembers how he have hurt her and how he can finally love again... this time not to break another heart... *He does f*ck a man so you are warned!* Must satisfy my yaoi fan girls. And btw, more females should be in Newgrounds!

I do not encourage suicide... I do encourage raised sensitivity to the feelings of others... hearts are easily broken. So the next time you feel like hurting someone, remember, he/she can feel pain worse than the slice of the sharpest blades...

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i love this short movie~the movie and the music makes me Cry~pls make more movie and games for the people who likes your movies and games(im one of them)...%u2665%u2665

This flash gives a good lesson

Bomee, you're the queen of extreme... -Sniffles.- So screwed up, yet so true... We guys are asshole at times and don't understand what we're doing to the women we love......


are you sayin that he cheated on andrea with a GUY??

One more girl!

Good work as always, bomee! 9 stars for that yaoi... mmmm.


what's with the panting?And the dog? He killed her?Or she died?Nice drawing,she has very nig boobs o.o