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Jack Russell

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Author Comments

My newest game: "Jack Russell!"

[ Attention all cheaters, if you've cheated your score will be removed and you will be banned from submitting your score! You are lucky you still can play the game, since in the next games when you cheated on the highscores list you are banned from the GAME and never can play it again. Idiots ]

[ You need Flash Player 8 to play this game, if you don't have 8, you can't play! ]

// Almost real physics!
// Draw your own level!
// Over 20 levels to play!
// Submit your highscore!

*Phew* I finally finished the game. The hardest part of making it was
debugging it. I didn't got all bugs out but when you don't do weird stuff you won't see a bug. I'm sorry about the 'making walls' bug, if you make a wall for your dog to turn it might send him flying :(.

Thanks to PLDMbot I can track how many people viewed this over the whole web. Why I don't use Mochibot instead? Because with PLDMbot I can get an intregated highscore table! It's not for free but it's WAY better then Mochibot! PLDMbot is made by Gabriel Ochsenhofer.

The instructions on how the game functions are in the game. Please actually read the instructions otherwise you won't get it.

Kirby's Canvas Curve (The game for DS) gave me alot of inspiration to make this. Well, not that I actually own the game...or a DS (PSP OWNS!). But I get the point of the game.

Special thanks:
Syko227 for levels and priceless scripting help
Mom & Dad for keeping me on the project :P
Elmo, our dog. For the idea XD

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Agreed with Humburger. You shouldn't call people loser just for losing the game, it's unnecessary. Not only that, but it's very frustrating when you lose the game and actually have to restart it all over again.

edit: isn't this game for kids? you shouldn't be calling 7 year olds loser, either.

Its got potential but calling someone a loser for playing your game, isn't how you get plays or good reviews. You might even get it taken down. If you want people to play maybe not call them losers. Since its impossible to get past the last level. So remember. I will never play your games. I will recommend to my friends but i doubt they want to play after that.

Meh. Not my cup of tea. I dislike the fact that I cannot seem to turn off the music, nor understand why you only get three tries before you must restart the entire game.

AWESOME! The "May The Force Be With You" part is funny because I just got back from watching the new Star Wars XD

The reason I have given it half marks is because its like a clone of any other draw-your-way-to-the-end game. Nothing new. Please make it better.

Kenney responds:

Well, the game was made in 2006 when it was a pioneer in the genre.