Gost Travels: New York

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New York


Two still pictures doesn't make a good flash.

This was a horrible flash. The introduction was decent, as usual, but you've used that about a dozen times so far. The graphics were horrible (Two parts that are both one frame, with only the first part having a sound clip?!?), the style was bad, the sound wasn't very good, and there was no humor.

Please put as much effort into the rest of your flash as you did when you made the introduction. I would rather see one good flash from you every month than 30 crappy ones per month.

TruffleClock responds:

fuck no


nice start, bad finish

Needs more effort.

A crack-addicted monkey could make better flash than you.

Next time you want to make a decent flash animation, steal a monkey from a zoo, buy some crack, and give him a laptop.


Whats that song in truffle clocks one?


I'm sorry if this is a peice of shit. I apoligize, and, for your information, I do watch the whole things before I vote. I vote on flashes because, for the most part, I enjoy them. If you submit 2 flashes in one day, you ~obviously~ aren't putting in all the effort you could be. They're just pictures with sound. One of them, I might add, doesn't even move OR have sound!
You blame me, huh, twinkles?
Admittedly, the opening for this was good, made it interesting, but then... they're just stills. You're not ~doing~ anything. This is a slap in the face to anyone who puts effort into their movies and makes something truely unique. Hell most people won't even get what you did with these. I sure didn't.
I'm sorry I'm pissed. I'm sorry I scored you badly. I'm sorry if you don't like my review. I'm sorry I watched this psudo 'flash.'
Next time, build on the skills you used to make that opening. The animation was fine, looked clean, ran smooth. But the whole meat and bones of the flash was nothing. The definition of a flash movie by Newgrounds is that it's 20 seconds long. Of course, seeing as you have no movement in either of these, and sound in only one, that's a hard rate.
Next time, live up to expectations, make a movie with what I can, from your opening, tell that you would do fine with, with a little effort, and I promise I'll rate you as high as you deserve, just like your two flashes... from the same day...

TruffleClock responds:

You are a hypocrite. I looked at your profile, and some of users in your favorites list are the ones that others look at as being 'effortless' Why do you like them then? Becuase you're stupid like most people on this site? I though so.

No, I am not going to make them any better, or put any effort. You don't like it? I dont care.

This getting not any awards that it shouldn't(UNLIKE SOME OTHERS THAT YOU SEEM TO LIKE). It does nothing bad, why do you care huh

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2.33 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2006
11:34 PM EST