Secret Agent Bob

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Hey everyone who watches this! Sorry that I have to say this, but this is just a quickie that I spent a few hours on...so don't expect too much...but ENJOY!!! I just HAD to put something new on my website...even if it isn't AMAZING...so...just tell me what you think...also...don't post mean comments...just save your words and give me the rating...I'll get the message...I only want constructive criticism!!! THANKS!!! And ENJOY THE MOVIE!!!

Ways that I want to improve(give me criticism in these areas)



ok hmor was beocus i was laughin still from rab

rab=reatarded animal babys. anyways constructive redo voice that alone put sound down or down have bob speak just make himrun around also make either show him fallin or make works move other way
plus likehave more bad guys even if there like 50 and 1 guy uses rocket launcher in the army and destroy them all at beginin u could again use some1 else for voices

it was ok

the best part was the james bond theme.

nice one

well, what i like best is the james bond theme thats all i have to say.

not bad, not bad at all...

great sound effects, the voice mumbled though. Not bad in everything else. You had a restart button so thats more than some people. All in all...Good. (sneaky move - I love the Bond theme)


The voice acting sounded very mumbly... the graphics could have been better. Good use of gunshots... this movie was kind of short though... would have been nice if there was more to it.

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2.07 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2006
10:37 PM EST
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