Rebel inThe Jungle 2

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New levels, and lots of extras not in original.

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Well I never played the original, but this is a great game. Very crips and clean graphics combined with simple and addictive gameplay, heh, it goes a bit slowly though, and there isn't much variation either, but it's a nice timewaster for a short while. A few improvements you could add would be powerups, levels and idfferent backgrounds. Keep it up!


work on the controls

Quite good game, but the controls weren't too good. It isn't easy to get the guy to jump left or right, he tends just jumping straight upwards. Also you should be able to change direction of the jump when in air, like it's in most jump'n'runs.

Gd gd

Yo Man the colission detection was wack on the helicopter bit when you're in the tank. That aside, yeah, the game was good, if a little lacking in the checkpoint department.

not bad, but needs some polish!

Good idea for a game, I liked the single screen action. Vehicles were a nice touch as well.
The bullets need to dissappear when they make contact as I shot a constant stream through the tank killing oncoming grunts. Also could be done with a bit more variety, dunno maybe a horizontal scrolling fight to the next vehicle or weapon powerups/choice.

Can't wait for version 2! ;)

meh, it's getting better...

there's still a lot to be desired from this game...like the damage...do a different damage animation, falling down is kinda dumb...and takes time away from the player...


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2.90 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2006
12:50 PM EST
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