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I Know I have bug you for the past few days with my tutorials, but take a look at this one, I based what I was going to do based on the reviews. it took me a long time to do it, so I hope that you enjoy it, but most important that you learn.



See you may think people are sick of ur tutorials but I sorta aren't I dont do flash at all but I like to look at these because they give me a little flash background and let me know the basics and whatnot. Nice job keep up the nice work!

Good, but harder than it should be...

All these "cool animaeted button" stuff can be done in a button, without the rollout and on. Yo uare spending to much time, and there is an easyier way to do it. Instead of making it a movieclip, make it into a button. Then double click to edit the button, and there will be a few frames. Add a keyframe into each one of the options. Then change it to look like what you want. This is what each of the frame smean. Out- What it looks like when the mouse isnt over. Over- what it looks like when the mouse is over. Hit- what it looks like when you press ther button. Hit- dont touch this, this affects the area you can press it on. Ok, the just add the buton actions to it, and it does everythign else for you. on(release){//actions} Hope I helped. If you want to know on how to add an aniamted button, you can just email me at mbellis111@yahoo, and I will help you with your flash needs.

bahamonStudios responds:

Thanks a lot for your comment, and I think that I should explain the reason why I chose to do buttons this way, when you are doing a game or something you like to be able to control your buttons, you might not want that people can press or roll over the button before something happens, or you might want to control the place where they go when they press on diferent times, for doing this I think it is better using a movie clip, but thanks for your review, and for all the new people in the flash world you should listen to the way that pyro111 mentions of doing buttons. so thanks pyron for your help

Good Tut.

As far as i could follow it, it looked OK and was well laid out. You went to a lot of trouble to show us how it should look.

A bit of sound might have been good, but not important.

A few spelling etc. details, which are important in educational stuff-

Intro ...comming...

...animation. Press...

...different color...

Get someone else who DOESN'T know what its about to check spelling and grammer. You and I read what we expect to read.

bahamonStudios responds:

thanks for the review, unfortunately the spelling mistakes have been a problem for me a long time now, but thanks for the review

good for the reason

unlike the reveiw before me, i understand the reason.but still good job,people will learn how to make buttons now = )

Thsi is useful...

Just one question, if you want two buttons on a page to go to two diffrent parts of a flash, how do you do that? Point me to a tutorial you made or somthin.

bahamonStudios responds:

to do that you just make two diffent buttons but change the frame they go to. the first two of this tutorial should help you out

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Jan 10, 2006
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