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My Hatred of Reality TV

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Hi, I make stuff like this and I usually complain. I hope you like.

- Dave



I also hate reality bloody tv. I know people who are watching big brother and saying, guess who we have decided you are from the people in the house? i tell them to go eat their granny but the still persist and i find out that i am the most ignorant person on the "show" if you can call it that. I cant fucking stand reality tv, its bolloks, i only watch i'm a celebrity get me out of here because and and dec might screw something up. Fucking bbc.

dude, your better than gamecubicle.

thats the funnyis flah ive seen scince, well i don't know but it ruled!!!!!!!!! hope it gets front page


This made me laugh, i was suprised very few flash animations do that. I suppose it was british sense of humour which (no offence to some people here) will probably go over a lot of peoples heads. The dull tone of voice really contributed to the comical factor keep it up.

It was okay....

It had some funny parts, but it seemed it should've been a written article instead of a flah movie. You should have put more on the screen than text to keep people interested. It was also weird listening to a guy swear when he sounds like the narrator of Fireman Sam.

here's a good idea...

Here's a good idea. Instead of putting a flash on Newgrounds about hating reality TV, you actually do something about it. Wrtie a letter to the show you like least, helping to make it better. Bitching on the internet won't do anything about it. You're not Maddox. You're not funny. I hate reality TV too, but you don't have to watch it if you don't want to. Here's another great idea. How bout instead of watching reality TV that you hate, you do something constructive, like read a book or be with your family or friends. I know I might look hypocritical because I'm not doing the same thing, but I didn't like your flash, but I'm doing something about it.


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Dave-Flinch-Price responds:

Thank you for your funny take on my flash. I hope I wasted a few minutes of your sad pathetic life.

p.s. I don't want to be Maddox, I like Maddox, but I'm not Maddox - it's a bit of fun. Lighten. Up.

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Jan 10, 2006
11:22 AM EST
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