Stick war Blues

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He's Blue! I know there is alot of stick man toons on the net but I thought I'd add another. This is my first stick man submission. It contains several themes and they change through out(I must admit, the star wars part hasn't got that best animation but it is still funny, I might modify it later).


You suck Evergod!!!

I think it's great!!! You, Evergod, have no taste for stickmen, AND Star Wars, Because you SUCK OUT LOUD!!! Yea!! Kiss ma Ass, Evergod!!!


could have actaully gave it an ending though buts rpretty good for a first timer so 9/10 adn a 5/5 is a good score for this

Not very good

Besides the fact that the whole matrix stick figure crap has been WAY over done, the animation wasnt very smooth. The action was slow and choppy. It almost looked like you were making it up as you go instead of planning out a good scene and bringing it to life. In most of the other stick figure versions of the matrix, there was atleast an apparent fighting style for the hero. I dont really know what the problem was with the video. It just didn't flow very well and the action was rather boring because of it.

awsome productive cool evreything

nothing needs work


the only damn good thing was the music YOU FUCKING SUK AT MAKING SICK MOVIES ITS 2 DAMN CHOPPY!

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2.85 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2006
4:01 AM EST
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