Madness: Insanity Breach

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This is a tribute to Krinkels' Madness. It isn't finished, so don't get mad because it stops in the middle. I want to know how I'm doing, so please review.


Better than others

Graphics: Bodies were good. Heads should have had a 3/4 view. Blood sucked. wounds werw worse. Backgrounds were OK. The animation wasn't choppy, but it looked like it was tweened. Too many movie clips were used, too.

Style: No real plot and it's the same basic, find-and-kill-parody-style Madness. Also, humorous kills are getting a little old now, especially when done bad. Only if they're funny, I'd give 'em a good rating.

Sound: I dunno. My speakers ain't working, but I'm guessing you did a good job.

Violence: High kill count, low quality or cliche deaths.

Interactivity: Only a play button? Come on!

Humor: Not funny at all.

Overall: Your tribute was much better than many others. It's funny how people submit some crap like Madness: Counter Assault, but they don't submit other high quality videos like Madness 1337.


It was good, but not great. I think you need to make another one with better graphics.

actuly it was preaty good

i recon it was preaty good but the needed to be a bit more, life like, there was something missing, if you can beyt that something in you may make it to colections :)

It was ok

Not the real Madness but they tried.

Nice job

Pretty short but still cool.
Well done...
Espesh liked the shot-gun head shots :)

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2.57 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2006
2:17 PM EST
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