Animal School: Reindeer

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The animal school series was made for the bbc, we have made around 70 of these cartoons, but we'll only put a few online. It's best to watch this small screen otherwise large screen opes in a new window. We originally made these cartoons for smaller children but it seems that other people enjoy them too. A few of these were on the bbc channel about a year or two ago so we are pretty happy with these, now stop reading and go watch!

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not bad

and by the way its a reindeer...

not a moose


great when that moose jumps out of the window:P



It was good, i really liked it.


Nice to see Animal School on Newgorunds
I want to see more on Newgrounds soon

I liked this one

A very nice movie. I didn´t expected much when I saw the filesize, but this is probably the best flash I´ve seen with a size of under 100 Kb. I´m still wondering how you could get it so low. It does have some backgroundmusic and voices which usually makes the movie a lot bigger (most movies with music at least have 300 Kb).

Anyway, even though it´s a good movie, I still got a few complaints. First off, I think it would be handy if there were some subtitles in this. I had to listen very carefully to hear what was said. There are probably a couple of people who have more trouble with it then me, so it would be nice if it had subtitles. You have to make the screen a little bit bigger then of course, otherwise they would take nearly half of the screen. Second, I dunno if you did this on purpose, but there is snow falling in the classroom. I doesn´t bother me that much, but you might want to change that. Third, well the movie is a little bit short. Probably the main reason why it got an "average" score. If you made your movies longer, it would probably get some very good scores.

Overall 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5. Well even though it was made for small children I still liked watching it. Nice to see something without violence and other stuff you usually see here. I hope you´ll submit a lot more of these movies. Keep up the good work and good luck with the rest of the series.

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3.91 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2006
6:12 AM EST
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